Positive Practices for Your Best Life and Business!

You’re doing all.the.things because your life and business are counting on you. 

How’s that workin’ for ya?

  • You may have direction in some areas of your life, but you feel overwhelmed with the details.
  • Maybe you have health goals, but you don’t achieve them because you’re all about the focus of your business.
  • Are you struggling with boundaries, relationships, and the inability to balance it all?
  • Maybe all is well for you in these areas, but…you’re getting lost in the process of living.


Stop the madness!

First…Balance is a myth.

All things…are not equal.


Your best steps toward creating and living your best life and business, come from practicing positive actions, and not worrying about whether it’s all equal.


FREE 5-Day Positive Practices Challenge Bundle

It's time to be IN in the picture of your life!


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Listen. It’s not your “job” to hold everything in the air with equal importance and weight. They will fall. You will fail.

However, it IS your responsibility to choose to take positive actions that let your life areas shine, then practice those things that support your life areas…to wholeness. Yay!


It’s time to orchestrate your life with positive practices!


I want to give you Simple Step Solutions that allow this to happen for you. You’ll receive a process that you will practice over a 5-day challenge period. It's a process that can be repeated in the next area, and the next, and…across your life. 

I created this Positive Practices Bundle so you’ll have a complete plan to ensure that you, as a busy entrepreneur or professional…are no longer lost in the life you’re trying to create. Read that again! 


The time is now for you to be IN the picture of your life!


Challenges can be fun, and they can get you “there.” I love to use them as short-term "trials" to see what's possible long-term. This challenge is a do-it-yourself opportunity, so that there is nothing to hold you back. No fixed start date to worry about. No time zone issues. Not even cost. Yep. It's my super gift to you to not only get you started toward your best life, but most importantly to encourage you toward hope.  

When you register below, you’ll get full access to my free resources so you can get started right away. You’ll receive:



A 5-Day Positive Practices Challenge ebook with activities so  you actually walk through the process in one life area

A Positive Practices/Habit Tracker so you can be accountable for what you choose to do, and what you repeatedly do

A Positive Practices Journal with prompts to help you monitor what’s working, not working, and how you feel about it all. You’ll also identify which practices go on to be…habits.






A word of caution: Don’t underestimate the power of this solution, because of it’s simplicity.
ecause simplicity…is how I roll.

It’s time for you choose to practice the things that create your best life and business. I’m here to help. Simple.



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FREE 5-Day Positive Practices Challenge Bundle

It's time to be IN the picture of your life!


No spam. Only relevant offers.