Mindset Reset


Don't let the flowers fool you.






Changing your mindset is a process. And you know you need change when: 

  • You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders… and you are exhausted.
  • You’re fumbling through your day unfocused and anxious… and you just want to feel alive again.
  • You’re going through the motions… but you want to feel more, see more, be more.
  • You want to live out loud with excellence…and JOY!


What is it? Your health? Relationships? Career? Finances? Spirituality? 

You can't carry it around forever. It's exhausting!

If you continue to have anxiety around it, when will you ever feel alive?

Walking through life like a robot won't allow you to feel much of anything but repetition.


Trust me. I know exactly where you are right now, because I’ve been there before. Same pain. Different story perhaps.

You see, there was a time when I was SO full of insecurities, self-doubt, physical and emotional pain, and much sadness.

I’m sure that if I thought deeply about it, I could list so many reason why this was my life. What others said to me, did to me; what I said and did to myself…it all contributed to a life of pain and sadness lived through many smiles.

I chose to believe this was truth for me. Yes, I chose. Nobody “made” me. I wasn’t forced or threatened.

I’m a thinker. My mind is always processing something. This can be so powerful…in a positive way…and in a negative way. I let words create thoughts that I nurtured in my heart…in my very being. Negative. Painful.

And yet, who knew the depth of my pain and sadness? Nobody. I kept those smiles going for all to see.


And then I just got sick of it.

I got sick and tired of carrying around what did NOT represent me, or what I was about. I got sick and tired of carrying around burdens I was not meant to carry. I was sick of not feeling "well" or whole. And then...

I had a mindset shift.

This was not for me. Not anymore.


I couldn't change others or what they said, but when I understood that processing thoughts in a negative way was weighing me down and limiting who I was, I knew I had to change that.

I also realized, according to Scripture, I had the power to choose to take control of my thoughts and to change them. I learned that on a cellular level, I had the ability to lay down new "thought" pathways with something positive. I had the power to be who I was created to be, and take care of myself in spite of what I thought or felt. I had the power and the gift...of choice.


And so my journey of discovery and identity began, leading to a total mindset reset.


Once I learned to process thoughts in a positive way, I was able to just “be” and surrender. I was also able to forgive myself and others. I was able to truly understand who I was created to be and walk in that, inside and out. I learned how to shift my focus, quiet my mind, and be more productive. I began to feel my best and be my best. I took better care of myself because I was created with the ability to do so. 

(I even created my own 5-step process that takes you from your mindset to receiving what you desire more of, by unlocking your potential in every step. I use it with some of my clients!)

Now my smiles are true to who I am. People always comment on my smile, what they see in my eyes, how healthy and young I look. That's because, I...am...me, and my mind is FREE! I love life. I love who I was created to be. I walk in that, inside and out. I take care of myself so I'm able to project that. (Read that last sentence again.)

It's not always easy. I still struggle sometimes. Yes, negative thoughts come. But they go. They go because I choose to take control of them.

So what about you? You are unique and gifted, and you deserve this too.

How would your life change if you could conquer these areas?

Better at work. Better finances.

How would this affect your life in a greater way?

More spirituality. More peace. More JOY.

How could it affect others around you?

More interaction. Better relationships. More JOY.

How would you begin to care for...you?

Better self-care. Better health. More JOY.


Really stop and think about those questions for a moment.

  When you imagine these things, how do you feel? 


Well, that's just the beginning.

Once you're able to make a mindset shift that works for you, it's time for your total Mindset Reset. 




In our Mindset Reset Program, we will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Conquering Your Thoughts – bringing every thought captive
  • Avoiding Negativity – choosing to walk a higher path
  • Nature Therapy – being outside, to go inside
  • Letting Go of Control - surrendering
  • Ways To Stay Positive – the Glass Half-Full Perspective
  • Dropping Resentment - forgiveness
  • Focus, Focus, Focus – shifting to clarity and productivity
  • And more!


Here's how this will work. There are 8 topics in this program. You'll have 2 topics each week for four weeks to work through. Don't worry. They are short lessons (but powerful).

We'll meet up for a group call once a week. If you can't make the call, no worries. I'll send you the recording. Live is best, but don't let that challenge you. I know that all times don't work for everyone.

Yep, it's a group program, so you won't be alone. How many will be on this journey with you? Well, I want this to be a small, intimate group. But in the end, it's their choice. And really, it doesn't matter. Why? Because I'm right here with you. So...if doing the work and listening to the replay works for you. Cool. If you work the process, the process will work for you.

Are you ready to set your mind free, and get your JOY on? Then join me!

Registration is May 4-10, 2017. Your financial investment for this program is just $49. Don't wait. You will receive some prep work just before the program begins.

The program begins Monday, May 15, 2017, and the total value is....life-changing. I mean, I wanted to assign a value to this program but... I just couldn't really put a dollar amount on life-changing. Can you?


So tell me...Are you ready to set your mind free, and get your JOY on? 


Click the button below to let me know you're ready to get your JOY on, and reserve your spot now.

 Your financial investment for this program is just $49 


Great! I look forward to walking this out with you, and excited to hear your story at the end! 



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