ALIGN Transformation VIP Day

What is ALIGN?

ALIGN is about defining and bringing into agreement AND alignment, who you were created to be, where you want to go, and how you live that out every day. ALIGN is about deepening your journey in every area of your life. It’s about inspired Simple Step Solutions for adjustments and on-purpose actions to improve your overall response to life for success on your personal journey. Forget about balance. Think...alignment.

What is a VIP Day?

A VIP Day is a day spent in a one-on-one or semi-private format with me, that allows for a very high-level, extremely personalized deep experience just for you. This is your time with no distractions, to focus in on one specific area of your life and do the work on site, and walk away with real-time results and a plan to keep moving forward.

Your VIP Day can be in person. Virtual days can be arranged via ZOOM, to save on travel costs.

If you:

  • know what you want
  • love fast results
  • don't need weekly coaching calls right now
  • want exclusivity
  • want solutions to your deepest needs now
  • are ready to get out of your daily norm to get solutions
  • excited about crossing that bridge to get there...

…then ALIGN Transformation VIP Day is for you.


Okay, then what is the ALIGN Transformation  VIP Day?

The ALIGN Transformation VIP Day is a time for you to get out of your daily norm to define and bring into agreement AND alignment, all that you are with all that you can be on your personal journey. In order to offer you an experience of true change in one day, we must have a very focused time together to dig deep. We must dig deep so that you will have a very high-level and extremely personalized transformational experience. This is why the focus is on one specific area of your life. You will experience shifts, adjustments, re-alignments so to speak... and growth that will produce great change...transformation. Oh, and it’s FUN too.

Your ALIGN Transformation VIP Day will focus on one specific area in one of four themes:

  • Best Start – A time to kick-start your transformation journey to your first milestone in the best and most efficient and effective way. You’ll gain clarity of purpose, set goals, and begin your journey on the spot. (Many times even overcome a particular fear or belief to get started.) This can be around identity, vision and mission, fitness, nutrition, relationships, or career/business. 
  • Breakthrough to “Next” – A time to face where you are stuck, and push through a plateau in your journey. This is can be around your health for a next-level goal; your career or biz for a next-level in leadership; your relationship(s) to explore and break patterns, and/or establish and honor boundaries.
  • Step-by-Step – A time to identify your success principles, strategize, then outline a specific process for your best results to reach new goals. This can be around any area where processes and plans work best for you, so you know you can continue on with confidence for completion.
  • Mastery – A time to hone in and master a very specific skill. This can be around mindset shifts and renewal, communication, leadership, business systems and organization, efficiency of physical movement, even batch cooking. I know!

Any and all of these areas can be super fun! Simply choose the area of your life you want to focus on for results, then choose the theme for your actions that will support what you want to achieve. Or you can choose a theme for your actions, then choose the area of your life you want to focus on for results.

Don't worry if you're not sure. We will chat to figure it out before you make a decision.

You can also use your VIP Day as an extension of work we've already done together, or to begin a coaching journey in a very special results-driven way.

NOTE: All themes can be around your spiritual journey! Whether it's to start one, have a breakthrough in freedom or healing, set up and begin a plan for the year, or to master an area you want to work on at a new level. This type of VIP Day is pure JOY!


Where will your VIP Day be held and what will do?

Your VIP Day will be held in TX, my location, and we will enjoy an environment that is quiet, has a view, and a place where we can “get out” and BE. Oh, and there will definitely be bridges involved. Just sayin'.

Ah, yes.


NOTE: If you would like me to come to your or another location, we can discuss this on a call.

Typically, we will be together in 90-minute time blocks to do intensive hands-on work. At strategic times, you will have at least 2 Pause or Comfort Breaks to reflect, renew, rest, or do fieldwork. Mid-day, we will enjoy a fun and personal lunch together!

“With Deni’s coaching, in just 90 minutes we developed a plan, executed that plan and evaluated progress making adjustments where needed. Her step-by-step process allowed me to stay focused and ultimately achieve all desired outcomes. I have no doubt that the success I experienced would not have occurred without Deni’s coaching.”

- Amy Gruber, Founder and Career Coach Expert


Also plan to have some physical time, if only a walk. Why? Because we're smarter when we're physically active! Yeah. We want some of that.

The main focus of your day is...results. You will "DO" to get those results.

(If you’re doing a half-day program, the day will be a bit different.)


Other details

Secure your ALIGN Transformation VIP Day now for this special pricing, and you'll have 6 months to use it. Installment options are available, but it must be paid in full before your VIP Day takes place.

While there are two airports, Love Field and DFW, DFW will be much closer to my location. However, if you LOVE and prefer Southwest Airlines, they only fly into Love Field. Note that from Love Field, it will be a 30-45 min commute one way, and there is always traffic. Always.

If at all possible, arrive the night before so you are rested and ready to go on your day! We can discuss the best time for you to leave to return home, as it will be based on the type of VIP Day you're having.

I will give you 3 hotel options for the area closest to me, or where we will be meeting. I'll include any travel tips, and options for transportation to/from the airport. If you're driving, you'll be able to get direct directions to the hotel you choose from the options.

There's no need for dressy clothes at all. Come to be comfy-casual. Be prepared for movement, maybe to sit on the floor, and of course, to be outside and in a cool or cold room or restaurant.

Once we determine your theme and area of focus, you can bring anything to help your journey. We'll discuss that as well. 

Don't worry. You'll be fully informed because I want you to feel prepared, ready to work and have fun, be excited and rested. While I will have a plan, we will have very open communication. It's important that we can be flexible and adaptable, but we will NOT be flying by the seat of our pants.


Why you’ll LOVE your ALIGN Transformation VIP Day.

When we spend this day together, we can go really deep on a very specific topic and theme and do some amazing work. Yes, you'll do most, if not all of the immediate work on site, and leave with a plan for continued forward movement! You'll get all of my expertise and undivided attention. You get to be greedy with me! With an uninterrupted day together, you’ll get much further along on your transformation journey. It's important that you understand that you won't end up with a bunch of notes and ideas to take home and then...never implement them. Uh-uh. This means you will start applying everything I teach you immediately, so you’ll experience results through coaching in a new way. 

What we do during your ALIGN Transformation VIP Day can replace months or even years of procrastination, confusion or endless actions that lead you...nowhere. Again.

With my other coaching programs, regular coaching calls typically last 40 minutes. During that time, we can only cover so much, which means we’re uncovering details bit by bit over several months. This is fine, works GREAT, and my clients achieve amazing results! It's a process.

"Each session gives more clarity which brings more joy." - Donna A.

"THANK YOU for your guidance and creativity in helping ME to create a lifestyle that works for me, and challenging my mindset to think outside the box when I face an obstacle.....I am SO glad I met you and have received coaching from you!" - Lindy Dickson



But sometimes…you just want to keep going (when you're on a roll) and get there faster. I get it! That's why I offer these VIP Days. A VIP Day means faster results and a more complete solution for you right away! Who doesn’t love quick results that work long-term! Obviously, "long-term" is the key phrase here.

What’s also cool is, you can choose a private half-day, private full-day, or semi-private full-day where you include a friend! You’d both work within the same theme, around the same type of focus. You can enjoy sharing the support, accountability, fun, and cost!


Speaking of cost, what's your investment?

I'm on a mission. Because I want you to put YOU on your goals schedule now, I'm offering very special pricing. Not kidding. Just take a look and see what would work best for you.

ALIGN Transformation VIP Day - Full

ALIGN Transformation VIP Day - Half

ALIGN Transformation VIP Day - Semi-Private

End of year pricing - $1297

Special pricing - $997

End of year pricing - $750

Special pricing - $550

End of year pricing - $1950

Special pricing - $1500 (Split with, or gift the split to a friend!)

 NOTE: There is no price reduction for virtual days, as the same results are delivered.

Reserve your ALIGN Transformation VIP Day with huge savings through November! After that, the price goes up to end-of-year pricing. And that's still a savings, given the results you'll achieve!

Space on my calendar is limited for these days, so you'll want to be sure and secure yours now!

Questions? Simply email me at: with your questions and your phone number. I'll get back to you super promptly (what?). We'll set up a 25-min chat, and get clear on, first, IF this program is a good fit for you to get your best results now, then if so, which type of Day will work best for you.

If you know this is for you, and you'd like to proceed to the Application, click HERE. I will respond within 24 hours! We'll still chat because I want you to be super clear.

Please, don't get hung up on the steps to chat or complete the Application. You must make purposeful steps for amazing progress. Each step has a purpose. And besides....if transformation is going to take place, we both want to make sure you're a good fit the process.


Let's work together for your total lifestyle success!

It's time for you to ALIGN!